Hindusthan Art and Music Society, a global cultural board of Indian art and culture based on Kolkata, has been offering affiliation to various art centres both in India and abroad. The cultural board with its main agenda to promote the various types of Indian art and culture like music, art, dance forms, recitation has been continuously striving to achieve its objectives in withholding the Indian art forms to the younger generation.

With the number of schools imparting the basic and secondary education on the various art and culture are affiliated under the board of Hindusthan Art and Music Society also known as HAMS. As a result, the global board has been providing different affiliation programs. These centres are located across the entire country and cover the major cities of West Bengal, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and other cities as well that provide a lot of emphasis on the various art forms and Indian culture. Outside India, the centres of art affiliated to this board includes countries like the United States, Dubai, Singapore and major cities like Amsterdam. Overall, a total of around 300 centres that work on upholding the Indian art and culture both within the Country as well as abroad are under the affiliation of HAMS and guiding the present generation to a proper development of the skills of Indian art.